Loation Recce – Formby Squirrel Walk 12/10/2017

On the 12th April I went on a location recce to Formby, a nature reserve local to Merseyside, of where I have completed a case study related to their population and conservation of Red Squirrels.101_0255

I completed the walk with my three year old daughter, and my partner and his mum, so we were not the most savvy of squirrels spotters. None the less we saw six red squirrels, and captured all of them on camera, gaining footage of one, who ran close to me looking for food. If I would have had a high quality camera and tripod the shots would have been brilliant.

I also spoke with a member of Wildlife trust staff, who took down my details, and details of my film and the shoot. She promised to put me in touch with their resident ‘squirrel expert’, who will hopefully be happy to complete an interview with me, lending her expertise to my documentary.

First red squirrel spotted!

I am confident Formby nature reserve will be a perfect location for shoot.

It is worth noting that car parking costs 6 pounds, and the train station is around 20 minutes walk from the main reception desks and the squirrel walk. I will consider travel in my production budget.


The walk itself is only 1/2 miles, meaning with enough time located to shoot I am confident we will be able to get the required shots.






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