Script/Narrative Development.

In order for my documentary to have a strong narrative, and to be informative, it needs to tell a story, and provide information.
I would like my documentary to be led my interviews, with a variety of contributors providing the different facts and opinions necessary to lead the narrative in the right direction.
I would like my documentary to explore the different reasons for the decline of red squirrel populations, and to raise the question of, are the grey squirrels really to blame. The documentary will raise the controversial issue of whether a cull on grey squirrels is either humane or effective.
I would like to show both sides of the argument in a balanced and neutral documentary. I believe this will be most effective in raising awareness of the issues.
If I gain the correct amount of interviews with varied contributors, then my voiceover will generally lead the narrative and link the different interviews.
However i have had some difficulty securing dates with my contributors, meaning I do not want to be left relying on them.
Because of this I will be working on two separate scripts, one in the case i do get the interviews i need, and the other to lead the full documentary and provide a strong narrative that can be illustrated by my footage.

Below is the first draft of my voice over script that will be integrated with answers from  my interviews.

Voice over script draft 1

This is a script for the voice over, and interview sound bites only.
I will create a storyboard to accompany each version, with a final script and storyboard at the end.
I have filmed two out of three interviews at this point, and have been working from a rough storyboard, and separate ‘Question Scripts’ for the interviews.
I have transcripts so far for one of the interviews which i have integrated into my script.
Even without the answers from my other contributors accounted for  estimate the script to be around 8 minutes, which is too long.
I will need to ct t ow, by being more selective with how much of each answer I use, and being more creative with how the voice over links the contributors together.




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