Production Day – 16th May – Formby Nature Reserve

The 16th May was my first large production day.
It was my first production that required a film crew.
I asked Alanah to be my sound operator, and Jeremiah to do cinematography for my interview.
We traveled to Formby via train,  and then walked to the nature reserve.

As planned we met with Sally Orrit, a national trust worker, who acted as a contributor for an interview.
We then headed to the 1/2 mile long squirrel walk to film cutaways.
The day went as planned, and I am very happy with the resulting footage.
The interview with Sally helps to cement the narrative I want for my documentary.
The shoot did not go ahead as early in the moth as planned, and I am now slightly behind schedule.
However, the answers provided by Sally were much more contextually related to my research than expected, meaning I do not have to film as many contributors as i thought in order to achieve the correct narrative structure.
The cutaways were, however, not as good as I had hoped meaning I will have to schedule in another day to shoot in Formby.



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