Urban Squirrels Interview, 23rd April Production.

I interviewed Natalia Doran, the founder of non-profit squirrel santuary Urban Squirrels.
She had been planning to come to Liverpool for an interview, but one of her patients gave birth, and the baby squirrel needed around the clock care.
I was unable to travel to London and so we agree’d to conduct a call via skype.

Natalia Doran on Facebook

however we ran into technical  issues on both ends.  Natalia was unable to log into Skype, and I was unable to make video calls in the edit suit I was booked into.
We conducted a voice call instead, and Natalia kindly provided me with her own archive footage to illustrate the interview.
I also have transcripts from the questions I asked her, and will be able to fit the interview sound into my script nicely.
In future I will always double check my equipment will work properly.
The fact I was unable to film a ‘floating head’ was problematic, but I feel I solved the problem to the level it will not effect the overall product too much.


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