Change of narrative structure & Final Voiceover script.

I wanted my interviews to tell a story, by alternating between my main contributors I hoped to bounce the questions and answers back and forth between the two.
However, I am now in post production, and have been finding this very hard.
As the answers I received from my contributors are much more similar than I thought. There are issues with continuity when bouncing back between the two.
I am going to re-draft my script to see if being more secular, and keeping each interview together as one scene, would improve issues of continuity.

I spoke with my tutor who advised against me re drafting the script in this way.
So I have re-drafted it again for a number of different reasons. One of these being that my initial rough edit, using the script for my documentary voice-over, is far too long, lasting over nine minutes.

I have had to focus more on two questions, and avoid the topic of “a cull on grey squirrels” as I was having real difficulties fitting in all of the area’s I have covered, whilst still cutting the time down.
This has had a negative effect on how interesting and informative my documentary will be. However I have managed to redraft the structure of the documentary in order for the narrative to still be strong and still make sense. I have focused mainly on the voice over, as I already have the sound recorded from the interviews to edit into my time line as needed. I have used the transcripts to aid in my vice-over script.
Final voice over, draft.
Final Voiceover


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