First Edit..

I have started to edit together the footage I have.
However, I am missing vital cutaway shots, and one interview.
Moreover the editing process has made me wonder if the continuity of the structure I have gone for will be difficult to achieve
I wanted to alternate between the two main contributors throughout the documentary, however this is proving difficult to co-ordinate.
I am going to re-draft my script to see if the continuity will be stronger if I talk about grey squirrels first, and the reds second, keeping the two interviews apart.

**I redrafted the script and decided editing this way would make my finished product less interesting, and so I have redrafted the script again, so I can still cut in and out of the different contributors. I have also scheduled a final shoot on 7th June, to gain final cut away shots. **  Other issues have arisen with the scripting and narrative. See documentary plan.




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