Final Edit. Friday 16th June

Today I finished my edit, tidied up the footage as much as I could, edited the audio as much as I could, and also color corrected the shots that I was able.
I am very disappointed with the quality of footage, partly this was because I did not spend enough time practicing, mostly however I feel it the main issue was trying to get stable shots of moving animals.
In future I will schedule LOTS more time for shooting the wildlife itself, as I would have been able to capture lots more shots with a few more hours on location. I will also always double check my kit to make sure I have spare batteries and SD cards as this will maximize shoot times once on location.

I have also created a very simple Lower third, to introduce my contributors.
Although I was taught how to do this by a tutor this year, I watched a simple tutorial on how to extract components from after FX with a transparent background in order to place it onto my documentary, however I still struggled to do this as I was short on time, and so I added titles on using premiere instead, which will not have the same effect.
The link is below:

I have found the edit difficult, mainly due to the quality and stability of the images, however there is minimum negative effect on continuity, and I’m happy that i achieved my main target, which was to produce a documentary using interviews and a voice over to present a narrative. The documentary is informative, but may not reach its target as it is not very aesthetically pleasing.


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