Final Rough Edit, Thursday 15th June.

Nick, a tutor in my college very kindly agree’d to record my voice-over for me. His accent, tone of voice, and professional way of speaking,  made the quality of the voice over, and the effectiveness a lot higher than before.
The shots are coming together nicely, along with the archive footage.
The need for archive footage has effected the over all look of my documentary, which I am upset about. However, I was unable to capture all of the shots I needed  and so the archive was necessary. I have tried to limit it as much as possible.
In future I will work more closely with a shot list, in order to ensure I have captured all of the shots necessary.
Moreover, some of my shots have been over exposed, or the focus has been in auto mode, meaning the mages seem to ‘blur’ in and out. This has effected how much of each shot I am able to use in my documentary, and has made the length of time needed for editing, is longer than anticipated, as I have spent a lot of time, tidying up shots.
On top of all this, in the future I need to ensure I spend more time organising my shots and renaming them, as the amount of different folders from different shoots,  also takes up a lot of time when looking for certain shots. I also believe this has led to a few crucial shots being lost, meaning that more archive was needed.
Overall, the look of my documentary is not as high quality as I hoped, but I believe I understand why each shot is not as effective as I would have liked, I have learned a lot from the production of this documentary, and now will be aware of areas I need to focus on in the future.


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