Rough edit, Friday 9th.

I have started to edit my timeline again, using the updated script and the final cutaway shots from Formby.
The continuity seems to be a lot smoother, and the new shots worked very well to link the shots together.
I have also had to gather some archive footage, and have recorded the sources of these shots.  However I had some issues with recording the voice over, which is essential to link the interviews, as I was suffering from a sore throat, and this, along with my strong accent and tone of voice, did not seem to work very well  with the shots.
I spoke to a friend, Oce Spike, who agreed to come into college, on Monday 12th June to record the voice-over for me.
At the same time one of my tutors had arranged with another tutor to help me out, as he has a very professional manor.


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