Risk Assessments for Locations

For each location I will be filming at, I have completed a risk assessment.

Risk assessment, Formby Nature Reserve
Risk-assessment-college edit suite
Risk-assessment-Sefton Park

I have decided to only use  three locations for the ease of filming, and to aid with the overall continuity of my documentary. 


Daily Production Schedules for Shoot Days

I have created production schedules for each day of shooting. These are working documents that will be used by myself and my crew in order to ensure the production days runs smoothly.

Daily schedule 26th April

Daily schedule 03rd May

Daily schedule 9th May


Daily schedule schedule 23rd May

Daily schedule 29th May

Daily-production-schedule-07th June (1)


Booking Kit

Here I will make a record of all kit i have booked out as part of my pre-production.

Skills development- shoot practice .
booking 3rd may
Booking 3rd May, Skills development.
booking 9th may
Booking 9th May, skill development & cutaways shoot
booking 16th may
Booking 16th May, Freshfields main shoot.
booking 23rd
Booking 23rd, Sefton Park shoot, and Urban Squirrels interview.
bookng 25 may
Booking 25th, Freshfields cutaways, and Geography interview.
Final Formby Shoot


Rough Project Schedule

Time keeping is a large part of any project and is essential for the project to work out as planned. I have created a rough schedule that will span the entire of the project to enable me to keep on top of all aspects of the process.
It will help me  to evaluate the project workflow as I progress.  This is a working document and will be updated as necessary.  I will also create more detailed and specific schedules for each different shoot.
I also keep a written copy of this schedule to add notes as i go, this means i am less likely to miss anything out that i need to time and plan for.

Project Schedule draft 01 25 April

Possible Contacts and Correspondence.

Below is a  document recording  any research into possible contacts or contributors I will need for making my documentary, along with any correspondence with them. As it is a working document I will post updated versions as the process moves along.

possible contacts sheet 13/04/2017

I have now secured two contacts,  but need more as I would like my documentary to be interview based.

Below is an updated version of my record of possible contacts.

possible contacts sheet 20 April

I now have three definite contributors.

An officer from the Wildlife Trust in Fresh fields will talk about the conservation of red squirrels. She will provide most of the facts surrounding red squirrels.

Cameron Dineen – A geography student who will talk about the geography of Fresh fields wildlife reserve, why it is a good place for wildlife to flourish, and other local animals that reside there.

Paul Morgan – A keen local birdwatcher who is faces problems with squirrels in his garden – he will talk about why grey squirrels are seen as pests.

I have spoken with Taylor Park Rangers, who can not commit to an interview but can help out on days they are in the office!

I am awaiting contact from  Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs to talk about conservation and facts surrounding grey squirrels.

Below is an updated record of my research into possible contributors, and any correspondence.

possible-contacts-sheet-02 May

I have now secured dates with all of my possible contributors.
Some interviews are being conducted via the internet due to location issues.
I have had issues with correspondence between contributors, but my main contributors are now set in stone.

I have researched what each contributor will be able to bring to my narrative.

Below is an updated record of my correspondence with possible and relevant contributors.