29th May- Freshfields 2nd production.

On the 29th May I had arranged with my contributor, and booked out kit, to travel to Freshfields to shoot my last interview and remainder of cutaway shots.
The day started drizzling with rain, and by the time we made it to Formby train station it was pouring down.
I had real worries the kit was going to get ruined, and the quality of the footage would have been poor in the rain in the forest.
My risk assessments had warned of likelihood of rain causing issues, but as it had been very fine weather the days leading up to the shoot, I forgot to check.
This was a severe mistake I made, as I was unable to shoot.
This has left me behind in my schedule, which was already stretched after difficulties setting dates with contributors.
In future I will always check the weather ahead of time, and frequently leading up to shoots.
will also take measures in the future to plan for possible communication issues.
have created a new schedule for my raining week before the deadline to ensure I have time to complete my edit, and capture the remaining footage.
The importance of scheduling, time keeping and communication is great.


Urban Squirrels Interview, 23rd April Production.

I interviewed Natalia Doran, the founder of non-profit squirrel santuary Urban Squirrels.
She had been planning to come to Liverpool for an interview, but one of her patients gave birth, and the baby squirrel needed around the clock care.
I was unable to travel to London and so we agree’d to conduct a call via skype.

Natalia Doran on Facebook

however we ran into technical  issues on both ends.  Natalia was unable to log into Skype, and I was unable to make video calls in the edit suit I was booked into.
We conducted a voice call instead, and Natalia kindly provided me with her own archive footage to illustrate the interview.
I also have transcripts from the questions I asked her, and will be able to fit the interview sound into my script nicely.
In future I will always double check my equipment will work properly.
The fact I was unable to film a ‘floating head’ was problematic, but I feel I solved the problem to the level it will not effect the overall product too much.

Production Day – 16th May – Formby Nature Reserve

The 16th May was my first large production day.
It was my first production that required a film crew.
I asked Alanah to be my sound operator, and Jeremiah to do cinematography for my interview.
We traveled to Formby via train,  and then walked to the nature reserve.

As planned we met with Sally Orrit, a national trust worker, who acted as a contributor for an interview.
We then headed to the 1/2 mile long squirrel walk to film cutaways.
The day went as planned, and I am very happy with the resulting footage.
The interview with Sally helps to cement the narrative I want for my documentary.
The shoot did not go ahead as early in the moth as planned, and I am now slightly behind schedule.
However, the answers provided by Sally were much more contextually related to my research than expected, meaning I do not have to film as many contributors as i thought in order to achieve the correct narrative structure.
The cutaways were, however, not as good as I had hoped meaning I will have to schedule in another day to shoot in Formby.


Sefton Park – Location Recce and Skills, Shot Type Practice & Cutaways

I spent two evenings during my pre-production period, in Sefton Park, completing a location Recce and practicing with the logistics of shooting squirrels.
I learned that as my research suggests, the squirrels can be lured with feed to get them to act in a manor that makes filming them effective.
I also gained practice on filming with the cannon 70D, this helped to develop my technical skills.
As well as this, i gained lots of cutaway shots that can be used in my final documentary.
The recces also served as research into the surrounding wildlife in the park, which adds to the narrative of my film.

Booking Kit

Here I will make a record of all kit i have booked out as part of my pre-production.

Skills development- shoot practice .
booking 3rd may
Booking 3rd May, Skills development.
booking 9th may
Booking 9th May, skill development & cutaways shoot
booking 16th may
Booking 16th May, Freshfields main shoot.
booking 23rd
Booking 23rd, Sefton Park shoot, and Urban Squirrels interview.
bookng 25 may
Booking 25th, Freshfields cutaways, and Geography interview.
Final Formby Shoot