Pecha Kucha Presentation

Here is my finished Pecha Kucha presentation, presented as a link to a power point.
Pecha Kucha presentation with audio.


Pecha Kucha Script

Below is the script that I developed and used to record the voice over for my Pecha Kucha, it is more detailed than the final Pecha Kucha as the text had to be cut down significantly.

Pecha Kucha Script 01

Below is the final script used for recording my Pecha Kucha

pecha-kucha-script Final

Evaluation and Reflection on Initial Research

I want to make a documentary about British squirrels, because they are my favourite form of wildlife, I find them fascinating. Moreover I enjoy documentary making (learned from unit 5 of my current course) and would like to utilise the codes and conventions of wildlife documentaries I studied earlier on in the year.  I have completed research all about squirrels in Britain. I have covered a wide range of area’s of interest, such as the biology, the habitats and the rise and decline of squirrels.
I have focused my research on the reasons for the rise of grey squirrel populations and the apparent decline of red squirrel populations. The reasons for this are; the decline of red squirrels, or the novelty of feeding the boisterous greys, seem to be the common public interests in squirrels. A focus on this area will allow me to target my documentary to a large range of people, and my documentary is more likely to be appealing to people, or grab their interest.  One of the large factors in the rise and decline of squirrels is habitat, meaning I will be able to make use of beautiful, cinematic, locations close to my home.
My research has proven that I will be able to contact a huge range of ‘professional’ contributors in order to lend credibility to my information, and strengthen the narrative.
I have also been looking at a large amount of widely differing existing products of a similar nature. I have looked at wildlife documentaries, particularly those concerning squirrels. This has helped me to form a direction for my narrative, as a lot of the documentaries are expository, led by a voice-over, and use high quality and often dramatised wildlife shots, to illustrate the information.  I would like to replicate this, using a variety of contributor interviews to lend credibility to my facts, and also to present a balanced viewpoint on the reasons behind grey squirrel over taking the reds. The carefully gathered facts, and meticulously filmed and selected cutaways to illustrate will make my documentary entertaining and informative.
The research and recces for the locations I have chosen proved very useful as I was able to secure contributors early on, and then base the rest of my research and narrative development around the different information each contributor would bring. It also helped me to work out the logistics of filming, and start to visualise how my documentary will look.
All of the research i have undertaken has been utilised in forming a purpose, narrative, and style for my wildlife documentary.