Sefton Park – Location Recce and Skills, Shot Type Practice & Cutaways

I spent two evenings during my pre-production period, in Sefton Park, completing a location Recce and practicing with the logistics of shooting squirrels.
I learned that as my research suggests, the squirrels can be lured with feed to get them to act in a manor that makes filming them effective.
I also gained practice on filming with the cannon 70D, this helped to develop my technical skills.
As well as this, i gained lots of cutaway shots that can be used in my final documentary.
The recces also served as research into the surrounding wildlife in the park, which adds to the narrative of my film.


Sills Development – Cannon D70 Practice, Shooting Squirrels – Sefton Park 26/04/17

As a part of my pre-production i will be researching the best kit to use, and the best way to use it, for shooting squirrels, interviews and for my sound design.

In college we have access to the Cannon D70 DSLR camera. Last Wednesday 26/04/17 I took a cannon d70 along with a zoom sound kit and a small tripod, to one of my locations Sefton Park. This allowed me to practice with the settings on the camera, the exposure being my main focus. It also enabled me to practice with shot sizes, and the practicalities of actually filming squirrels.

I found the shoot very productive, finding the camera very easy to use, and very adept at capturing well exposed, high quality shots. I was able to capture lots of footage of squirrels with a large variety of shot sizes, some of which are of a high enough quality to use in my  documentary. This was easy and enjoyable and very effective.
I also captured some shots of the surrounding wildlife and had a chance to adjust the shooter speed and aperture, and play around with the lighting of the shots.

I also was able to capture a lot of ambient sound, the quality of the sound on the Canon was not good so the sound kit for my ambient sound is necessary.
The tripod was handy for accessibility and moving around the park, but is only useful for capturing still shots, this is no good for filming wildlife.
This week I will practice with the cannon and a shoulder holster, this will hopefully work well for moving shots, and the need for mobility, as animals do not go where you want them to!